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I had a notion that I would start this journal with some art, perspective, poetry and maybe even some levity. But somehow none of that resonates with me today. I sat in front of the screen trying to compose thoughts into something enlightening or purposeful. But the words wouldn't form in my mind, my hands sat motionless refusing to give life to a lie. So here we are. It needn't be particularly vulnerable, but some transparency has to be present. Art can't flow through the filter of pretentiousness. It demands authenticity.

My heart is heavy today. For the sake of posterity, we are in the aftermath of Drumpf's order to bomb a Syrian airfield from which it is believed that fighters were launched armed with Sarin gas and dropped on a civilian population in rebel held territories. The order was implemented without any attempt to gain approval from Congress even though we are not at war in that country and so violates our Constitution. It was also done without seeking a coalition of NATO forces or UN backing.

But the part that bothers me the most about this is that Drumpf claimed that the attack was inspired by some sort of humanitarian purpose. As many critics have already noted, this is an absurd notion from a man that has actively railed and passed legislation against accepting refugees from the very population he is supposedly avenging. That the lie is so blatant, and stated so arrogantly without the slightest sense of irony or humility makes it much the worse. The general politeness of the media toward such an obvious affront to civility and common human decency is going to make it possible for Drumpf to hit his real target: Distracting the American people from the allegations of collusion with the Kremlin prior to taking office, and the naked corruption and cronyism that already has tainted the new administration.

Drumpf's idea of making America great again seems thus far to include creating a hardened outer shell of defense while rotting away the society it is meant to protect. And as the heart of our country is broken down, that outer shell will become brittle and eventually crack. The attacks on education, science, environmentalism, arts, and social safety net programs are just the beginning. Justice, honor, integrity, principles upon which true greatness is built, are suffocating under the weight of Drumpf's ignorance, hubris, and utter disregard for anything that doesn't bolster his pathetic ego. In that much, Drumpf's already much like the society he is attempting to create either consciously or not. Rotten on the outside and brittle and cracked on the out.


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