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I should have known it was a dream.

But I was hungry, and I felt like going for a walk. It was dark already when I left the house, walking down a long curving driveway. Trees on either side loomed and swayed in the amber streetlights. At the bottom of the hill, there is an abandoned warehouse that I have to pass in order to get to the part of the city where all the restaurants and shopping places light up the night with a rainbow of twinkling lights. There is a chain link fence around the warehouse but it is open and so I walk onto the property.

Only after I am walking across the lot do I realize there are other people there. I assume they are homeless squatters or something and even as they come up to me I am sure they are just gonna hit me up for money. I actually don't have any cash so I tell the one closest to me before he even asked. He had greasy uncut hair, and his clothes were rough and filthy. His skin was leathered by long hours in the sun making him appear older than he likely was. He sneered at me and says a guy dressed like I am and I don't have any money? I look down and I am wearing cargo pants and a thermal shirt. I don't look particularly well dressed but I shrug off his comment as irrelevant and tell him again I don't have any cash.

"If you're trying to get into the city the only way is through the building," he points to a side door on the side of the warehouse. I look around the perimeter of the property and he seems to be telling the truth. The fence wraps all the way around and there are people loitering around the fence line but I get the feeling they are almost guarding against people trying to cross over it. I walk toward the building trying to step more quickly from the dirty guy but he follows and I can feel him exuding a menacing and violent vibe.

Inside the building I am surrounded by more people and ushered into a room and left there with others who seem to have fallen into what is feeling very much like a trap. The room is dark, like a nightclub but there is no music and the others are mingling. There is a great deal of confusion and questions but no one seems overly afraid. The disheveled and dirty people who have brought us here intermittently enter and walk among us, take positions along the walls, and leave again with a ritualistic precision. At one point someone I knew (I can't remember who it was but it wasn't someone I am particularly close to) came out of a room and stopped to say hello before exiting a door on the opposite side wall.  

A short time later myself and everyone that had been waiting were allowed through the door that the person I knew had gone into. The other side is a much brighter room like a cafeteria. We are seated at long tables and told that we will be allowed to leave after we have eaten. There is some sort of propaganda film playing on a big screen tv and we are all seated so that we can watch. At this point I realize that this is some sort of cult and they are attempting to indoctrinate us. I completely tune out the television. I could care less what BS they are selling. I just want to get the hell out of there. A plate is set in front of me. There are small slices of fresh tomato, green pepper, and some kind of cold cut meat sandwiched between small thinly sliced toast.

"I can leave after I eat this?" I ask. One of the attendants nods. So I pick up the sandwich to eat it whole and the attendant grabs my wrist with one hand and then gestures with the other that I have to eat it in layers. They want us to eat each piece as if it were a communion wafer! Livid and only consoled slightly by the fact that the snack was actually rather tasty, I finish each layer and then roughly get up and storm out the door. At this point, I am still thinking about getting a meal but instead of a sit down restaurant like I'd originally intended, I decide to just get take out somewhere. For some reason, my Jeep is on this side of the warehouse but as I approach I realize something is wrong. 

There is a police car with its light rack on and its spotlight on the back of my Jeep. As I come around to the front I see the front tires are gone, one of the doors is missing, along with the windshield. My anger and anxiety ratchet up several notches when I realize with absolute certainly that the cult members inside the warehouse did this! I turn to approach the police officer just as the spotlight turns off and the car pulls away and leaves. "Fucking Really?!" I shout as it drives past me. Not knowing what else to do at this point I pull my phone out of my pocket to take pictures. As I turn on the camera, my rage and sense of being violated overload my ability to concentrate on anything...and I wake.


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